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Bohemian Magazine is a platform for individuals to interact with identity.

And we need allies.

Equal Rights policymaking has had several big “wins” this year, one of them being the legalization of gay marriage. But there is still a huge disparity between legal “equality” and the reality that many people who identify as anything other than cis or straight face in their daily lives. Equality is not justice. A country’s policy alone does not dictate the mentality, morality, or behavior of its citizens. In order to change our culture, we need to also change our media, our educational systems, our role models, and our own minds.

Under American law, women are not equal to men. No racial, or gendered demographic has achieved rights or justice equal to that of the white, heterosexual, cis male. We are not at the finishing line. We are just starting to get somewhere.

There is no way to amend the faults of our culture if we remain fearful or apathetic about the social standards that define our public spaces, institutions, and futures. We need to turn our reactions into actions.

Although we are making the switch to a primarily online publication, Bohemian Magazine will always have a physical component. Print is important to us because we believe the published word and image have power. It shows our audience that we are serious about what we share, and it gives our contributors a credible place to publish their work. We are resisting the publications made for women that do not BENEFIT women, that instead foster the idea that a woman’s worth is determined solely by her appearance. We are resisting the kind of online media that has replaced thoughtful articles with lists of memes and “click-bait” titles. Bikini Kill believed that if all girls started bands the world would change, and encouraged girls to start bands as a means of cultural resistance. Bohemian Magazine believes that if all women and other marginalized groups started publications, the world would change. There’s no question, in light of recent events, that the media bias is real, and the only way we can combat it is to take journalism into our own hands. Bohemian Magazine will serve not only as an example of powerful, independent media, but also as a resource for anyone who wishes to do the same.

Self-publishing websites can allow you to create cool magazines, newspapers and zines. You can create free websites online easily, on websites like cargocollective, wordpress, or through blogging platforms like tumblr. Get your voice out there, take pictures of what you see around you, create fashion and make photoshoots happen, and don’t be intimidated by your budget. We publish images taken with phone cameras… something will happen. Have the courage to fail; that’s how you get better. The most import- ant thing is to have integrity: to never limit the potential of others to benefit yourself, and if you are discussing a subject or issue affecting a demographic other than your own, to go to the people who can represent this issue, and listen to them.

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