FashionFeaturesInterviewVol 2 Issue 2

Alexandra Marzella (Rosey Diamond & artwerk6666)

Alexandra Marzella
We first met Alexandra IRL before her performance at Literally, Bye, a pop-up show at the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Florida curated by her good friend Petra Collins.  Soon after, her Instagram was deleted for the thirteenth time.  This interview discusses oppression, the male gaze, and censorship.
1. How long have you been using social media?  Do you think you embody a persona online?  If so, has this always been the case?
forever. no.
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.27.03 AM
  2. Do you represent yourself similarly between different social media accounts?  Do you find yourself posting certain things on sites/apps that you don’t on others?  If so, why?
no. yes but only because of community guidelines.
 Alexandra Marzella
3.  Do you feel pressure online to subscribe to a certain form of femininity?  If so, where does this most frequently happen?  Ex. online, advertisements, on the street, media, etc.
no because I am my own person and i’ve learned to not fall for such traps.
 Alexandra Marzella
4.  How have you been censored online?  Why have you been censored?  Why do you continue to post the imagery that you do although you are so frequently deleted?
yes. because of nudity mainly. because nudity/sexuality/reality is necessary.
 Alexandra Marzella
5. Who do you think reports most of your images?  You currently have your profile on IG public, how does the frequency of your censorship change when you are public vs. private?
someone who doesn’t love themselves very much and probably someone who knows me. I got back and forth between public and private, mainly so i don’t have to monitor who i let follow me as closely. at this point being public or private doesn’t matter so i’m trying to be a good girl.
 Alexandra Marzella
6. There are tons of photos of scantily clad women on social media- why do you think your account and some of your peers are so heavily censored when others aren’t?
because we’re not catering specifically and only to the male gaze? because we don’t always use photoshop? because our nipples are a little larger? a little pinker?
 Alexandra Marzella
7. Although social media can be very overbearing and oppressive through censorship, do you see it as opening any conversations about physical censorship of the body and femininity?
i think it is. i’ve been interviewed 4 times about this subject this month alone. it better be opening conversations and those conversations better be staying open.Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.24.47 AM
8. As an artist, what do you consider your medium of choice to be? Does that matter to you?
i’ve said my iphone and macbook pro are my mediums of choice and that’s probably still true. but really it’s the human body. and it’s very true that my bed is my studio. instagram is my sketchbook.
 Alexandra Marzella
9. How do you deal with the male gaze online when you are posting so many images of yourself, that anyone who follows you can access?
i don’t know if i really deal with it as much as accept it and appreciate it. If a man says something really rude or uneducated i’ll usually say something irrational and mean which most often shuts them up or explain why they’re wrong. apologies are always nice.
Alexandra Marzella
10.  Do you think considering oneself a feminist is important?
i think fighting for women’s rights and against the oppression of the natural human form, skin color and gender non-conforming people is important.
Alexandra Marzella
11. Have you been censored IRL and how so?
when i used to strip my boss stopped letting me wear high waisted jean cut off shorts and that felt pretty tyrannical.
Alexandra Marzella
12.  How do you think we girls can reclaim our femininity and power?  How are you trying to accomplish that?
stop judging people and stop judging yourself. love people and love yourself.