Cruz x Ezra

We are thrilled to publish the collaborative work of Cruz Valdez and Ezra.  Cruz also released this beautiful photo essay with us earlier this year.  They can be contacted for professional inquiries as related to a multitude of creative endeavors at including, as seen within this photo editorial, their talent in photography and styling. Cruz’s Instagram can […]

Encarni Lovexx by Afioco

Photography: Afioco  Model: Encarni Lovexx  Wardrobe: 1 and 2. Rick Owens Balaklava. 3. Givenchy Polo and Nike techFit Collection hoodie. 4. Givenchy skirt and Dr. Martens boots. 5 and 6. Givenchy Polo, Nike techFit Collection hoodie and Lanvin glasses.


Photography: Mariona Puig: / Art: Enric Bages Blanco: / Model: Isaak Duerinck Assistants: Jorgina Carrera & Alexandra Oppo All clothes by 113 MAISON: /        

Milena by Diego Galaz

credits: photographer Diego Galaz ( Instagram: @galazdiego) Make up Constanza Oyarzún (Instagram: @conigram) Model Milena 

GARDENOFEDEN by Mica & Molly

Concept: Mica Henry & Molly O’Reilly Casting/Styling: Mica Henry Photography: Molly O’Reilly Models: Eilidh Nuala Duffy, Che Richards, Louis Gabriel, Ruth Edwards, Joe Ward, Matvi Khosho, Connor Anderson & Mica Henry @intentionallycold & @perpetualsuffering

Bully by Sam Tranter

“Bully” lookbook by Sam Tranter premiere for Bohemian Magazine photographed by Daniel Bargioni, modeled by Amelia Jordan and Madeleine Rose.  

Zero, One or Two Hands

Kito Muñoz : photographer  Daniel Del Valle : model & stylist    t-shirt—Asics t-shirt—Thevxlley jersey—Calvin Klein, pants—Dustin t-shirt—Thevxlley brown jersey—vintage, blue jersey—Calvin Klein, pants—Zara & Burberry