Statuary Designs Editorial by Andrew White

marbled leather wallets, tassels, and collars by paige hinshaw for statuary designs photographer: andrew white stylists: hannah carr and emily kenyon models: erica peterson, pirate, and nevah producer and retoucher: carrie riehl             IMAGE 2: Martingale Collar – $55 Tassel – $45 IMAGE 3: (from top left, clockwise) Cardholder – $45 Tassel […]

Dynasti Studio Editorial

fashion, fashion styling, modeling, photography, and editing by: Zhang Bing + Koleman Chan @dynasti_ @dynasti_studio

Girls Count Article

by Sarah Hesterman Five hours of walking around Capitol Hill and spreading awareness for a new bill in last year’s summer heat just paid off. The Girls Count Act, introduced in the fall of 2013, targets a problem with devastating effects for children in developing countries: not being registered at birth. Registration and identification are […]

Clothes are Not Consent

We are sick of being told that Assault is deserved because of our clothing. We need to wear bras.  Our breasts are distracting. Meanwhile, men run topless in the streets. Women can’t become pregnant from a rape. We wanted it. Violence, rape, and assault are never justified by the victim’s appearance or sobriety. Presenting the […]