Photography: Mariona Puig: / Art: Enric Bages Blanco: / Model: Isaak Duerinck Assistants: Jorgina Carrera & Alexandra Oppo All clothes by 113 MAISON: /        

GARDENOFEDEN by Mica & Molly

Concept: Mica Henry & Molly O’Reilly Casting/Styling: Mica Henry Photography: Molly O’Reilly Models: Eilidh Nuala Duffy, Che Richards, Louis Gabriel, Ruth Edwards, Joe Ward, Matvi Khosho, Connor Anderson & Mica Henry @intentionallycold & @perpetualsuffering

Zero, One or Two Hands

Kito Muñoz : photographer  Daniel Del Valle : model & stylist    t-shirt—Asics t-shirt—Thevxlley jersey—Calvin Klein, pants—Dustin t-shirt—Thevxlley brown jersey—vintage, blue jersey—Calvin Klein, pants—Zara & Burberry

Chakrubs Cover Shoot

crystal dildos by Vanessa Cuccia for Chakrubs photographer: Carrie Riehl stylists: Emily Kenyon, Hannah Carr hand models:Paige Hinshaw, Emily Kenyon  Love is the driving force of life and crystals are love stones. They are powerful expres- sions of love and passion—gently romantic or strongly erotic! They can help heal broken hearts and foster healthy relationships. Crystals have […]