The Green Apartment

It was the strangest thing to see you in the rain, although it was a light one and you were just running, trying to get some exercise although you look fine—better than fine in the indifferent spring dusk. I was in my car and I slowed down behind a set of trees, behind one serious […]

GIRLS : Molly Matalon

PHOTO ESSAY BY MOLLY MATALON WRITING BY CAROLINE TOMPKINS Molly Matalon, to get introductions out of the way, is a 23-year-old living in Brooklyn, NY. For the past three years, she has been photographing her mother and South Florida, where she is from. These photographs, however, are not an intimate portrayal of the trials and […]

Ivan Alonso > Featured Designer Interview

Q: Would you rather spend 5 years paid vacation in Europe or 1 hour on Mars? A: Depends on the space gear. And is there a plus one? Q: What do you think the scariest animal is? A: Humans. duh. Q: Facebook, Twitter, or Insta- gram? A: Instagram for sure. I’m not the smoothest with […]

Featured Artist: Joey Watson From Deep Space to the Inner Eye a Ritual In Trust

VICE PRESIDENT ROSS REDMON SITS DOWN WITH FELLOW KCAI CERAMICS ALUMNI JOEY WATSON TO SEE HIS RECENT FIRING OF DREAMSCAPE OBJECTS AND PICK HIS BRAIN: Joey Watsonʼs work begins in the land. To get an accurate image of him– imagine a young boy with a rock collection in Arizona endlessly practicing for his black- belt. […]


When she first woke up, she barely spoke. Not long after they told her what happened and what was next, she slumped and groggily asked for her supplies. They exchanged looks, wondering if she had understood, but they gave them to her. Better to start getting used to it now, the doctor agreed. It might […]


The decapitation of American journalist James Foley sent shock waves across the world, not least because of the appallingly gruesome character of Foley’s execution. Another point of astonishment arose when viewers and intelligence officials alike realized that Foley’s murderer speak fluent English with an unmistakably British accent. Linguists have confirmed that the assailant spoke with […]

Playlist by Dean Roper

SEPTEMBER’S PLAYLIST BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR MAIN PLAYA DEAN ROPER   LISTEN NOW find out more about our boy @  ig   tumblr    website