Alexandra Marzella (Rosey Diamond & artwerk6666)

We first met Alexandra IRL before her performance at Literally, Bye, a pop-up show at the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Florida curated by her good friend Petra Collins.  Soon after, her Instagram was deleted for the thirteenth time.  This interview discusses oppression, the male gaze, and censorship. 1. How long have you been using social media?  […]

Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Volunteer of the Year: Bonnie Riehl

My name is Bonnie and I had an abortion. I have never put that in print, so at sixty-one I guess it is about time. I was a nineteen-year-old MU student when I got pregnant—the first time I had sex. I was terrified. It was 1974, and abortion was still illegal in the great state […]

Visual Aids Artists: featuring Aaron Kissman, Shan Kelley, and Benjamin Fredrickson

Visual AIDS is the only contemporary arts organization fully committed to HIV prevention and AIDS awareness through producing and presenting visual art projects, while assisting artists living with HIV/AIDS. We are committed to preserving and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS and the artistic contributions of the AIDS movement. We embrace diversity and difference […]

Hey Baby: Photo Essay

HEY BABY is an ongoing photo series by Caroline Tompkins, who has been documenting her street harassers for three years thus far. Caroline has received press from sources like BBC News and Al Jazeera about being a young, white, blonde woman who has experienced harassment, but not much conversation has been started about the perpetrators […]

True or False: The Sleepover Edition to Find Out if You’re Gay

This is a test that was developed by Allfride Kingsey in 1948 that uses quantitative answers to show if you’re gay. (Suggestion- complete this quiz at your next sleepover!) Translated to English from the original Latyn text by Megan Mantia and Leone Anne Freeves You are Gay True False You’re Gay though, right? True False […]

Clothes are Not Consent

We are sick of being told that Assault is deserved because of our clothing. We need to wear bras.  Our breasts are distracting. Meanwhile, men run topless in the streets. Women can’t become pregnant from a rape. We wanted it. Violence, rape, and assault are never justified by the victim’s appearance or sobriety. Presenting the […]

38th and Baltimore

July had been a long, hot month. August even longer. About a month ago we discovered the couple we had been living with for nearly a year to be heroin junkies. The questions started when the rent was three months behind.  Why was it that they always seemed sick and never left their room? Finally, […]


Well, hello, hello! If you see me walking in my hood, you will definitely think I’m normal. Yet, this is NY, so normal is too much of a broad term. Basically, we are all the same, but gosh, we do come from so many different places! Take me for an example. You grasp I’m from […]