Shit my Straight Friend Says

1. “I LOVE THE GAYS !!” Usually the standard phrase of a drunken 20-something when she—and he, though less often so—receives revelation of one’s homosexuality and is trying to assert her tolerance and acceptance. The intention here is good; the speaker is merely trying to make the homosexual feel comfortable about his or her orientation. […]

The Transfiguration of our Collective Symbols

The metaphor I’m going to discuss in relation to Peregrine Honig’s two pieces pictured above is: vibrancy is health.  Let me begin by first giving a brief physical description.  On the left, you have an American flag and on the right you have a rainbow (LGBT) flag.  Both are presented in the least vibrant colors possible.  […]

Mystic Mithras’s Mythical Marijuana Elixir: Recipe Revealed in 7 Easy Steps

Cannabis is a current hot topic in America’s political climate. Many of us artists and creatives enjoy the shamanistic qualities of this mystical herb that has been used since ancient times all around the world. Generally smoked, there are many other ways to extract the active ingredients called Cannabinoids. These components are not water soluble, so other methods […]

The Boys’ Club

I started my first engineering job this summer in Kansas City. It was an internship, but it paid and offered me experience, and I could not wait to start. On the second day at my internship, I was told to tag along to a meeting because “bosses are nicer when girls are around.” On the […]

HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet 2015

number of people worldwide with HIV/AIDS: 35 million number of Americans with HIV/AIDS: 1.1 million number of people infected each day: over 5,700. nearly 240 per hour number of HIV-positive americans who are unaware: 1 in 6 most affected part of the world: sub-saharan africa. home of more than two-thirds of all people with HIV, […]

A Father-Daughter Talk

After I told him I liked girls, my dad told me that he fell in love with a man named Tom before he met my mother.  Between then and now, the topic rarely came up in conversation.  Maybe a story or two, here and there, but not the full glimpse. Nor did we ever discuss gender […]

Birdman (Or the Effortless Success of Mediocrity)

Written and directed for the screen and portrayed on the stage, Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, meanders between a poem and a sitcom. Alternatively, Birdman floats in between a dark comedy and a contemplation on the stressful nature of theater.  Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomas, an aging actor who lives in the shadow of […]