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Ivan Alonso > Featured Designer Interview


IMG_2986_MG_8976Q: Would you rather spend 5 years paid vacation in Europe or 1 hour on Mars?

A: Depends on the space gear. And is there a plus one?

Q: What do you think the scariest animal is?

A: Humans. duh.

Q: Facebook, Twitter, or Insta- gram?

A: Instagram for sure. I’m not the smoothest with words so I try to let the pictures talk for me.

Q: Name a movie that changed your teenage experience.

A: Donnie Darko.

Q: Where would you like to buy a vacation home?

A: Off the coast of Chile.

Q: Who is your current design crush?

A: I have to shout out to Jessica Walsh. Baberham Lincoln.

Q: Who is your current fine art crush?

A: Salvador Dahli. I’ve been watch- ing a lot of interviews with this eccentric man. I often like what he has to say about death and beauty.

Q: Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

A: Gatherer. I tend to hoard.

Q: Do you like Twin Peaks?

A: Place or Restaurant? Colorado is rad. The restaurant scares me.

Q: Apple or Mac?

A: Apple

Q: Funniest thing about being a dog owner?

A: The unexpected audible farts.

Q: Favorite magazine?

A: There are so many but Monster Children is always a go to.

Q: Favorite type of design to create?

A: The soul fulfilling kind. Design- ing for the things you believe in. Thats my favorite.

Q: What do you think the most successful corporate logo is?

A: Can I say Nike is corporate? If so, they totally have this.

Q: What is the most useful application for spit?

A: Mustard stains? I got bit by a misquito and this old lady from burma told me to spit on it. So, theres that too. And sometimes your rollie canoes. Spit is pretty useful then too.