Paper Back Publishing

PAPER BACK PUBLISHING, a printmaking collaborative operated by Matthew Garcia (b. 1985) and Keegan Rogers (b. 1989) is online at where you’ll find their online shop and can order most of their original silk-screened prints for $15 or $20. Anyone who wants artwork (yours or theirs) reproduced in beautifully hand-printed silk screen editions, invitations, […]

KC Connect and Discovering Undergrowth

As it stands, the Kansas City art community is relatively hidden away from the rest of the nation. In the city we have our own thriving systems, our own delicate balance of life and art, our respective seasons of feast and famine. Within this system artists move about like loose seeds, planting and growing and […]

Get Noticed: Join a KC Creative Club

Why join? Kansas City is full of individual and collective creative talent. With all this talent in one place, how does a young professional meet the right people? There are two well established organizations that support the creative professionals and students of Kansas City: The American Advertising Federation– KC (AAF-KC) and the American Institute of […]