Bohemian ExclusivePhotographyVol 2 Issue 2

Clothes are Not Consent

We are sick of being told that

Assault is deserved because of our clothing.

We need to wear bras.  Our breasts are distracting. Meanwhile, men run topless in the streets.

Women can’t become pregnant from a rape.

We wanted it.

Violence, rape, and assault are never justified by the victim’s appearance or sobriety.

Presenting the Sexual harassment Underwear and Bra line by Emily Kenyon and Carrie Riehl for Bohemian Magazine.  You never know when or how often you will need a quick comeback to daily patriarchal oppression.


Available for purchase on our website HERE


Photography and Props: Megan Mantia

Models: Sarah Elizabeth TaylorTori WheelerSinjun StromTaylor WestBailey Kopp

Director: Carrie Riehl

Bras and Underwear: Emily Kenyon and Carrie Riehl

Artwork: Patrick Wolf


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