FashionPhotographySeriesStyle ProfileVol 2 Issue 3


photographerandrew white

stylist and producer: emily kenyon

Personal style is not just clothing. It’s the way we carry ourselves, treat our bodies, and represent our personalities to the world around us. In an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories from family, friends, thrift stores, flea markets, sale racks, and street vendors, these six young creatives show that good style doesn’t mean expensive taste and hot trends. It means using what you have to make the outside of you look as unique as the inside of you.


Bo’s style draws inspiration from 1990’s fashion, elderly men and women, and the Baby Gap.

bo_aw_bohemian (1 of 12)2 copy

bo_aw_bohemian (2 of 12)2 copy

Plastic Suga platform flip-flops (Goodwill Outlet) $2, Clear blue backpack (Goodwill Outlet) $.33 Avery Dennison (@blueavey) Big Bone silk jersey, American Apparel baby blue briefs $7, Powder blue bucket hat (DAV Thrift) $5

bo_aw_bohemian (4 of 12)2 copy bo_aw_bohemian (6 of 12)2 copy

Black polo hat (TJ Maxx) $16, Blue corduroy ‘Pappy’ jumpsuit, (Boomerang Vintage), $14

bo_aw_bohemian (9 of 12)2 copy

bo_aw_bohemian (11 of 12)2

Denim overalls (Goodwill Outlet) $.69, Fuzzy black bucket hat (Goodwill Thrift) $.21, Black belt (gift from dad) free, Reebok white leather sneakers (Savers Thrift) $7 bo_aw_bohemian (12 of 12)2

Space Jam blanket (Goodwill Outlet) $.93, White compression shorts (stolen from Bo’s brother) $.21